3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC is an Oklahoma State Inspected Slaughtering and Processing Facility.  The facility  harvests, processes and packages poultry and rabbits raised by 3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm.  Our Farm is a small scale, sustanibale locally owned and family operated  farm .  We raise Cornish Cross Broiler Chicks, Broad Breasted White Turkeys, Pekin Ducks,  Muscovy Ducks & Rabbits.  We also sell farm fresh free range eggs and grass or grain fed beef! We offer meat, and poultry products for sale to the public by appointment. 

3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC opens its facility and services up to the public. We provide a complete service taking a customers live animal to a finished meat product.  All slaughtering and processing operations are overseen by an Oklahoma State Meat Inspector this continuous inspection allows  meat products to be consumed by the owner and sold to the public in wholesale and retail outlets (farmers markets, restaurants, supermarkets and farm stands). Our services extend to backyard growers, county fairs, 4-H members, APA members, FFA members and more. We seek to serve with the highest customer satisfaction in processing and cutting specialized orders.  However, we have limited availability for outside processing so we strongly recommend you contact us several weeks or months before you will need our services.   We follow a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program to provide safe, unadulterated products. Our strict sanitation program ensures a clean and sanitary environment.  Our experienced staff is trained in treated all animals with respect and in how to handle animals humanely. 

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