Our Services– We offer an Oklahoma State inspected slaughtering and processing service for poultry (All breeds of chickens, turkeys, ducks & geese) and rabbits. 

Appointments– We offer a limited number of public appointments. We process by appointment only.

Contact– Contact us to schedule an appointment – Phone:  Voice or Text (918) 843-0232

Pre-Appointment Guide-

  • Feed Withdrawal– All feed sources should be removed at least 18-24 hours before slaughter.
  • Water – Poultry and Rabbits should be supplied with WATER only during the withdrawal period.
  • Catching and Loading– It is very important to catch and load animals in the calmest manner possible.
  • Holding and Transportation– You will need to transport your own animals, and leave them at our facility in your coops/cages. We also allow some producers to trailer their birds without crates/coops however trailer must be left at the facility. Please mark everything with tags or labels that animals can’t chew off. Please use your full name and phone number.

Appointment Guide

  • Animal Drop-Off
    • Your drop-off appointment will be on a Saturday morning between 6:30 am-7:30 am
    • Upon arrival and before unloading, you are expected to check in to fill out processing paperwork.
    • An employee will give you directions on where to drop your trailer or where to unload your coops, carriers and cages.  You are responsible for unloading.
  • Meat pick-up
    • Your pick-up appointment will be on Sunday afternoon the day after Slaughter
    • Poultry and Meat products must be picked up on Sunday before 7:30 pm
    • We will notify you of your balance owed when we contact you for pick-up. Please bring exact CASH (no checks, no credit/debit cards)!
    • Bring plenty of very clean ice chests or other suitable containers for product pick-up.  You are responsible for loading your poultry and meat products, coolers, cages & coops.

Poultry and Meat Products not picked on the Sunday after slaughter  will be considered forfeited and surrendered with ownership transferred to 3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC no refunds or credits will be given to customer.