3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm

Our journey-

In November of 2011, our family established 3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm. The farm is a small scale, sustainable, diversified livestock farm that is locally owned and family operated. We are devoted to raising happy and healthy poultry and livestock in a sustainable manner that benefits both the land, the animals and the people. 

The farm would raise cattle, poultry, rabbits and vegetables. The farm would offer farm raised beef, poultry, and rabbit meat products, eggs, fresh vegetables and more.

The farm was able to market its beef, eggs and vegetables, however the farm was unable to market our poultry and rabbit meat. The law required that the meat be processed in an Oklahoma State Inspected facility there was no facility to have them process and inspected in OKLAHOMA.  

We at 3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm had a need for an Oklahoma State Inspected Poultry and Rabbit Slaughter and Processing Establishment. This need developed into a dream to build our own. The need and the dream pushed us to form a plan.

In September of 2015,  we formed a plan to diversify our farm operation by establishing a poultry and rabbit processing facility.  A brand new facility that would turn live poultry and rabbits into meat. The animals and meat would be inspected by an Oklahoma State Meat Inspector. Meat and poultry products that passed inspection could be sold to
consumers, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers throughout the state of Oklahoma.

In November of 2015 we broke ground on the new facility.

In May of 2017 the facility was completed and opened as an Oklahoma Custom Exempt Facility for Poultry and Rabbit Processing.

On October 6,  2018,  3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC facility began operation as Oklahoma’s only State Inspected Facility with continual inspection of Poultry and Rabbits. Poultry and rabbits that pass inspection could be consumed by the owner, can be offered for sale to consumers, restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers throughout the state of Oklahoma

3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC  gave 3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm the ability to open an on-farm store 3F’s Family Farm Store
It took 3F’s Feathers-n-Fur Farm almost 3 years to accomplish the dream of reaching vertical integration of our products. We could now raise, process and sell the poultry and rabbit as meat direct to consumers on farm as well as off farm to restaurants, retailers, and wholesalers throughout the state of Oklahoma.