Rabbit Buying

3F’s Processing is a rabbit buyer.

We contract with small backyard breeders.  We  purchase rabbits for processing.  You must deliver rabbits to 426643 Highway 266, Checotah, Oklahoma.  We accept rabbits of all breeds and varieties for processing.  However, we have very rigid specifications for the rabbits we buy. It’s important to make sure you know our criteria  First and foremost we want healthy rabbits.  Rabbits with questionable health will not be accepted. Rabbits must be free from medication. QUANTITIES WE PURCHASE ARE LIMITED and you must make prior arrangements.  Please email leeshlynch@gmail.com with a head count, estimated live weight, breed and leave your contact information.

Prices may vary and are determined based on the value of the carcass of the rabbit and our efforts to process the rabbit.

Many “meat” mutts or meat breeds simply do not compare with the amount of meat to bone ratio of a Californian or New Zealand.

Currently paying:

Good Type Meat rabbits, Californian, New Zealand and more!


 4-7  lbs/8-16 weeks- $1.00/lb


8  lbs/16  weeks –  $0.35/lb


All Other Breeds (Fancy/Show) Price depends on age, sex, breed & size


Below you will find a list of rabbit processors.

These prices are listed on the ARBA website.  Please contact the listed facility for up to date pricing.

Do consider travel time and gas expense when selecting a processor to maximize profits.