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Oklahoma Meat and Poultry Inspection Service

3F’s Poultry and Rabbit Processing, LLC is an Oklahoma State Inspected Slaughtering and Processing Establishment that provides an Oklahoma State Inspected slaughtering and processing service. The service is offered to small area producers/4-H members/FFA members/ARBA members/APA members/backyard growers that are able contact us to make an appointment, transport their chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and rabbits to the facility and return to pick-up their poultry and meat products.   

An Oklahoma Meat and Poultry Inspector is on hand to protect the health and welfare of consumers and the public by assuring meat and poultry products produced are wholesome, unadulterated, properly marked, labeled and packaged. The inspection of these products and processes allows producers to sell or donate their meat and poultry products to consumers, restaurants, retailers, retail stores, brokers, meat markets, schools, orphanages, restaurants, nursing homes, and other similar establishments or through their own retail market or similar establishment. The meat products that pass inspection will have an Oklahoma Inspection Legend applied to the packaging.

We offer an OKLAHOMA State Inspected Slaughtering and  Processing Service for Poultry (Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks & Geese) and Rabbits.  Producers must make an appointment, drop their animals off at the facility and return to pick-up their meat products.

  • Contact us to make an appointment(slaughter date).  We process by appointment only.  We recommend contacting us before you order your chicks to make an appointment or the day your order your chicks, due to the demand for service. We will not accept birds or rabbits that do not have an appointment.  Once you have been given an appointment, you will may not receive any additional confirmation.  You are expected to arrive on the specified date within the scheduled time:
    • Phone:  Voice or Text (918) 843-0232
    • E-Mail:
    • Facebook:
    • Physical & Mailing Address: 426643 Highway 266, Checotah, Oklahoma, 74426

You may supply a farm label at the time of drop off. We will apply your farm label to individual packages.

You may also supply a label that makes product claims (Pasture-Raised, Certified Organic) but these labels must be approved by the ODAFF prior to placement on packages and proof of approval must be supplied with the label.

  • Services- We provide slaughter and processing services for poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese) and rabbits.
  • Feed Withdrawal– All feed sources should be removed at least 18-24 hours before slaughter.  Poultry and Rabbits should be supplied with WATER only during the withdrawal period. Feed withdrawal insures that there is minimal fecal matter remaining in the animal at the time of slaughter. This makes the slaughter process cleaner and more sanitary as well as eliminate the possibility of having to trim meat or condemn the whole animal.
  • Catching and Loading–  It is very important to catch and load animals in the calmest manner possible.  Always pick birds up and hold by the body or by the feet, NEVER by the wings.   Always pick rabbits up by placing one hand the rabbit’s chest. Begin to lift. Scoop the other hand under the rabbit’s rear, keeping the tail between your hand and his/her genital area, NEVER pick a rabbit up by its ears.  Some problems that could occur while loading your animals include wing bruising, smothering, heat stress, broken bones and escaping.  Any abuse of animals will not be tolerated.  Abuse includes kicking, carrying the animals in unnatural positions, overcrowding, starvation or indifference to suffering.
  • Holding and Transportation– You will need to transport your own animals, and leave them at our facility in your cages (ask us about options if you need cages).  Rabbits are best transported in Rabbit carrying cages with bottoms (no wood chips or sawdust). Poultry are best transported in poultry coops. PLEASE, NO CARDBOARD BOXES!  We recommend crating after dark or before dawn and not stacking your crates more than four high. We recommend allowing  plenty of space to avoid suffocation. We are not responsible for  deaths which result from poor packing. More animals are condemned or killed from not transporting properly than any other reason.  Mainly because of suffocation from being packed to tightly. Any abuse of animals will not be tolerated. We cannot process diseased, dead, or dying animals.  Do not overcrowd your crates; in case of inclement weather, make sure your animals are protected but still receive adequate ventilation. Heat stress and crowding can kill your animals.
  • Arrival at Facility/Plant– Once at the plant follow signs for unloading, there will be an area for cages with animals and an area for coolers.  Please mark your coolers and cages with tag or labels that animals can’t chew off and your cooler with labels that won’t peel off easily.  Please use your Full name, Address and Phone number  Please do not bring too many or too few animals.  We schedule our workdays very carefully to ensure we have enough work for our employees and maintain a safe working environment.  Please let us know ASAP if there is a number difference so we can adjust our schedule. Unless you have made other arrangements, you are expected to drop off your coolers & animals on Friday.  If arrangements are made you should drop off before 7 am on Saturday.  Upon arrival and before unloading, you are expected to check in to fill out processing paperwork.
  • Dirty &/or Injured Animals– Birds with dirty breasts and keels (breast bone) may be delayed until the last batch to avoid cross contamination.  If you have birds that sit around all day and eat, the skin on the breast may have ‘acne’ appearance – follicles with embedded dirt.  If any have injuries to their breast we might cut it away. If you have too many roosters, some of the hens may have skin damage.  Birds will eat anything shiny, glass, screws, electrical contact, pvc pieces, fence staples, and gun shells. These all can damage the wall of the gizzard and the muscles of the meat.  Rabbit with dirty hides may be delayed until the last batch to avoid cross contamination.
  • Diseased Animals– We will condemn animals that are not healthy; this could include cavity fluid, diseased organs, etc.  The fee will remain the same and no credit will be given. If there is any question about the health or quality of the animals, the facility and/or the inspector will determine if they will be condemned or delayed for slaughter.  There will be a charge for sanitation and disposal if you bring sick or diseased animals.  There are always runty birds, especially in the Cornish Crosses and Broad-Breasted Turkey lines.  They are not sick, they just do not thrive very well.
  • What to Expect Back– YOUR MEAT!  All animals are carefully traced throughout the process so you are guaranteed the return of your meat.
  • Product Pick-up–  Your finished product must be picked up on the same day of notification that it is ready. We do not FREEZE!  Please understand that our facility has limited cold storage which is very expensive to run. Product left in our facility past notification will incur a storage fee.We are not responsible for meat left past scheduled pick-up times.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TURN AWAY PICK-UP, IF FOOD SAFETY IS A CONCERN. WE DO NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANIMALS, CAGES OR MEAT LEFT AT OUR FACILITY!
  • Payment– Payment for services is expected at pickup. Payment should be in cash.  When your product is finished we will contact you with a total amount due and schedule your pick-up appointment.
  • Product Transportation –  Please bring containers such as boxes, a cooler or a plastic tote along with ice to keep the product cold for the ride home.  We do provide ice but you may need to purchase more. We have found that a 48 quart cooler holds between 10-15 individual animals. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO TURN AWAY PICK-UP IF FOOD SAFETY IS A CONCERN.   WE DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MEAT AFTER IT LEAVES OUR FACILITY !!!